Hallowe’en and ET’s… Oh My!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

et-studies-us-too This is one of my favorite ET pictures ever!! Just wanted to use it again to make a point! ❤

Happy Hallowe’en everyone!!  All Hallows Evening, Hallow… to make holy.  How did we go from honoring the holy in life and afterlife to monsters and fear and stuff???  I cannot help but hear the beginning of my only favorite prayer from my catholic days „Hallowed be thy name…“  And coming off the end of book three of the conversations with god series (by Neale Donald Walsch) and hearing God’s rendition of this particular prayers (The Lord’s Prayer) he gives the honor back to you, for you to own it…. Hallowed be YOU!!  So let me honor you, the holiness that you are, the brave soul in body creating change everywhere you walk.  I love you and you so deserve to party like a rock star today, eat chocolate and have…

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